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        Overview of Sustainability

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        Future with a Conscience

        We understand that as a chemical corporation, we play a big role in championing the continuity of our surroundings. Our corporate responsibility journey presents an opportunity for us to make a great impact in areas that matter most to us.

        CCM STEM Up X UTP

        The programme aims to make a one-day campaign educational, fun & impactful. CCM STEM Up X UTP 2019 which was held in Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Perak. Making STEM learning fun & relatable is the main objective of the CCM STEM Up X UTP . It shows how complex knowledge that is acquired in school can be broken down into basic theory and creatively apply their knowledge in problem-solving.

        Furthermore, the CCM STEM Up X UTP will illuminate students with an understanding of how STEM-related career paths can change the world as they know it.

        Through STEM, industries such as the chemical and polymer industries that CCMB operates in, have introduced innovative products and formulation through extensive research and interactive approach.

        The programme not only boosts students’ interest in STEM but also creates an inquisitive mind, eye for detail and strong analytical skills, To all the Perak students, you have “WOW-ed” us with your enthusiasm and active involvement, we hope this event has spurred your interest in the area of STEM.

        CCM Innovation Challenge

        Elevating individual potential and cultivating innovative culture within the Group via Idea Generation, Innovative Thinking, Problem Solving and Business Pitching skills among CCM employees.

        Rakan Saintis Sungai CCM

        Since its inception in 2010, CCMB’s RSS proggramme has attracted 2,000 students from schools across Perlis, Sabah, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Penang and Johor.

        Using a combination of classroom and field environments, participants gain invaluable knowledge and hands-on skills on the best practices in improving water quality and how protecting natural resources particularly rivers is crucial to our quality of life.

        RSS programme was organised in collaboration with the State Environmental Department, State Education Department and Department of Irrigation and Drainage.

        CCM STEM UP Challenge

        A science competition to nurture secondary school students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and shape them to become future innovators of Malaysia. The programme organises by CCM in partnership with the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

        Heeding the Education Ministry’s call for encouraging students to venture into STEM fields beginning secondary level in order to address the declining pool of talent in high-level scientific and technological fields, CCM strongly believes that the CCM STEM UP Challenge will become a game changer in creating a greater awareness of STEM amongst secondary school children.

        The programme not only boosts students’ interest in STEM but also creates an inquisitive mind, eye for detail and strong analytical skills to enable them to tackle complex thought processes in any situation.

        Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia

        Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (MSAM) is PNB's social effort in promoting products and inculcating smart investing habits among Malaysians. To date, the annual exhibition has attracted over 3.6 million visitors since the first was held in 2000.

        CCM have been participated in the event as Rakan Sponsor since 2002 and has received innumerable visitors, both young and old, from all walks of life.

        Chemical Spill Drill Exercise

        The spill drill is an integral component of the chemical spill Emergency Response Plan developed by the DOE to ensure that the Company’s personnel are well-equipped to effectively manage potential accidents involving the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

        CCM are pleased with the outcome of the drill. Our CES team responded swiftly and worked steadily and effectively contain the chemical spill during the exercise. The drill is essential for us to understand the safety measures involved and identify the gaps that need improvement for response to an actual chemical spill.

        As an advocate of greater safety in the chemical industry, CCM is committed toward ensuring a safer environment for our employees, customers, investors and the public in the community that we work in.